Briki Vroom Vroom

Jeu Dino

A Roaring Good Time 

French toymakers Briki Vroom Vroom present the Jeu Dino set featuring a Stegosaurus, a Brachiosaurus, and a Tyrannosaurus rex crafted from FSC certified maple wood and meticulously engraved to bring the dinosaurs to life. Accompanying the 3 dinosaurs are 6 wooden pieces depicting elements of nature to set the scene. Jeu Dino is simply designed, beautifully crafted, and meticulously finished - the perfect starter set to ignite curiosity in little dinosaur lovers.

Of Forests & Waves Tips

Create some fossil fun and sensory play by burying the dinosaurs in a sensory bin of sand, and giving your budding palaeontologist a little brush to dig for dinosaurs. 


3 wooden dinosaurs, engraved (4 - 17 x 2 cm)
6 hand-painted natural elements
Handcrafted from FSC certified Maple wood
Finished with safe, water-based paint 
Packaged in FSC certified recycled cardboard 
CE and EN-71 certified

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