What gives us our name?
There is a Chinese proverb that goes “長江後浪推前浪” (cháng jiāng hòu làng tuī qián làng). Loosely translated, it means that each wave begets the next rising wave — it carries a sentiment of hope and promise, of giving voice to the next generation. More than just a multi-label lifestyle store, Of Forests & Waves represents our endeavour for children to live rich with experience, for generations beyond us to freely and happily discover their promise, and for us all to live more harmoniously with our planet. It is a celebration of imagination, an invitation to embrace growth, and a platform for intentional living.
A curation of thoughtfully & intentionally designed things.
From heritage-made wooden toys to soft and snuggly organic bedding, we curate fun, stylish, and sustainable products that mamas and papas will enjoy as much as their babes will. They’re built to accompany our little ones through their first stumbles, to bear witness to their first accomplishments. To be enjoyed, and treasured, and passed down for years to come. We embrace brands that celebrate our planet and her people, and invite families to practise purchasing with purpose and living with intention.
The gift of the tree.
Trees clean our air. They provide homes for wildlife. They're also where our wooden toys begin their journey - from the skilled hands of our artisans, to the homes and hearts of you and yours. We hope to give back in the small ways that we can, and are honoured to plant a tree with One Tree Planted with every order.