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Boat and Waves Stacking Toy

Aye aye Captain!

Handcrafted in Greece, the Boat and Waves stacking toy is a fun and challenging toy! Watch them learn to stack, balance and swing different patterns of the sea and boat as you explain to their curious minds, “What kind of animals live in the sea?”


The Boat and Waves Stacking Toy is hand-cut, hand-painted, and meticulously sanded to create a smooth finish for little hands.

  • Made in Greece
  • FSC certified beech wood of European origin.
  • Non-toxic, water based paints, AP certified
  • Natural beeswax, EN/71.3 certified
  • EN/71.3 certified glue 

Dimensions: approx 1.5cm * 21cm * 3.6cm

Imaginative Play

Imaginative play is a kind of open-ended play that has no rules, structures, or goals. Drawing from her years of experience in the field of neuro-physiological psychology, Sally Goddard Blythe describes imaginative play as a means of allowing “children to tap into their creativity and really run with it, without any boundaries, in a way that is very freeing”.

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