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A Dozen Bird Eggs

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A Love For Nature

Handcrafted in Germany, this beautiful set features 12 lovingly hand-painted beech wood eggs in a rattan basket that is perfect for little hands to carry. Every set comes with a message for parents to teach our littles not to collect any real bird eggs from the wild. These eggs will give you an opportunity to talk with your little one about the life cycles of birds and encourage a love for nature. 

Tactile, sensory, and imaginative play

Practice counting with your children as they delight in taking the eggs out of the basket and putting them back in. The shape of the eggs and the variety of sizes, colours, and patterns create the perfect opportunity for little ones to explore the concepts of texture, sorting, and movement - the curvature of the eggs make them ideal for rolling. They also make for a lovely decoration in the house.

Of Forests & Waves Tip

Take the kids to the park for a bird watch. Bring along some drawing material and encourage them to sketch what they see. Do different species of birds have different types of nests and eggs?


1 rattan basket and 12 wooden eggs
Crafted from solid beech wood
Hand-painted with non-toxic paint
Made and hand-painted in Germany
The eggs are inspired by common farm eggs such as chicken, turkey, duck, goose, quail as well as other wild bird eggs. 

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