Aleta Kids

Count On Wooden Blocks

1,2,3 You Can Count On Me!

Babies and kids are exposed to math from a very early age with common questions such as “How old are you?”. This set was created to draw our little ones into the science of numbers in a fun way! Introduce numbers and concepts like addition and subtraction, quantities, measures, proportions, sequences, progressions, and comparisons (smaller than, bigger than, longer than….). All these concepts can be practiced with this toy, that can also be used as wooden blocks, a puzzle, or a lacing toy to develop their fine motor skills.

Of Forests & Waves Tip

The wooden blocks have been designed and cut true to size - the "1" block is 1cm tall, whilst the "10" block is 10cm tall. They're a fun way to introduce the concept of measurement and comparison; have the little ones use them to measure things around the house, or find and categorise objects that are similar in size. 


11 Beechwood blocks (1-10 x 6 x 0.9 cm)
FSC and PEFC certified wood from sustainable German forests
2 Cotton laces (90cm long)
1 Cotton bag for storage 
Handmade in Spain


Aleta Kids use European beechwood that have been carefully sanded down to ensure that the toys are child-safe. To preserve the patina that the toy naturally acquires over time, no burnishes are used in the process. For maintenance of a more standard finish, it is possible to apply any natural oil or beeswax from time to time. Please note that the beauty of natural wood lies in their different hues and grain; each toy is unique, and no two are identical.  


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