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The Encyclopedia of Animals


The perfect modern encyclopedia for animal enthusiasts of all ages. Discover the lifestyles, habitats, and behaviours of the animal kingdom as you've never seen them before with The Encyclopedia of Animals. Each page of this comprehensive guide is packed with amazingly detailed artworks and full-colour photographs, with the sections marked by colour tabs for quick consultation. 

Many of the book's images show the animals in their natural environment and behaving as they would in the wild. An orang utan is shown swinging from a branch, a bird-of-paradise is illustrated during a courtship display, and hyenas are depicted in pursuit of zebra prey. Map icons illustrate the animal's distribution around the world, while key fact boxes highlight features of the animal's anatomy, diet, and genus. Learn more about your favourite species, from the smallest insects to the largest mammals, with expert information and up-to-date population statistics throughout.

From the flying squirrel to the yellow-bellied sapsucker, and from the fire ant to the sun bear, animals are seen in all their splendid variety in this fascinating visual guide. Divided by class and family, the sections in this book clarify the distinguishing traits of the animals, which are depicted in colourful scientific drawings; captions provide additional information. 

Edited by: Tim Harris
Format: Hardcover 30 x 23 cm
304 Pages

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