Fanny & Alexander

The Nature Of Play: A Handbook Of Nature-based Activities For All Seasons

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Cultivating moments of joy that will last a lifetime

Suggesting an antidote to our era of ever-present screens and passive play, The Nature of Play offers simple activities encouraging you and your little ones to play with and among nature – whether you live among skyscrapers or fields.

Chockfull of activities, poems, interviews, recipes, and flora and fauna guides, this book holds all the inspiration you need to explore, discover, learn and make incredible new things, wherever you live and whatever your experience, using only a few materials and your own imagination and ingenuity – all year long.

Taking you from your living room to the parks, beaches, and neighbourhoods around you, this beautifully illustrated Fanny & Alexander book includes 44 hands-on activities that will keep you entertained through sunny outdoor adventures and rainy days spent inside:

  • Stargazing
  • Skimming stones
  • Making a kite
  • Constructing a sand volcano
  • Getting to know a tree

At its heart, the book was born of an endeavour to inspire creativity, cultivate a love for nature, foster deeper engagement, and create little moments of joy that children and adults will cherish for a lifetime.

Authors: Delfina Aguilar & Clare Aitken
Format: Paperback 23 x 17 cm 
216 Pages

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