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Ocean Bundle


Explore the secrets of the deep with The Ocean Explorer book. The Poletoko wooden marine animals are also available for purchase individually.

Celebrate World Ocean Day with us!

Come and celebrate World Ocean Day with us today! This limited bundle features 4 Poletoko animals (Whale, Sea Otter, Penguin and Otter), and an Ocean Explorers (Secrets of the Deep) book. Explore what types of marine life are living in different depths of the ocean, learn about how important the ocean is to planet Earth and how we can better protect our oceans in this book packed full of fun facts and colourful illustrations. 

Hand-carved in Indonesia, Hand-painted in Japan

 This series of animals from Japanese brand Poletoko gets its name from the Swahili word “polepole”, which means “slowly slowly” - a direct reference to the thoughtful and time consuming process of creation. The process begins in Indonesia, where skilled artisans hand-carve the animals from white Abizia wood - known to be one of the quickest growing tropical trees, Abizia wood presents a more sustainable material option. In order to avoid the use of a lacquer or chemical treatment in the finishing, the animals are then carefully filed and sanded many times to create a super smooth finish. Finally, each animal is meticulously hand-painted in Japan. Individually hand-carved and hand-painted, each piece is truly one of a kind.


4 x Polepole wooden animals:
- Whale
- Sea Otter
- Penguin
- Otter
Hand carved in Indonesia from white Abizia wood
Hand painted in Japan with non-toxic paint

1 x Ocean Explorers (Secret of the Deep) Book

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