Big Block Set

Unlimited Creativity

This heirloom-quality toy comprises 37 blocks in an assortment of shapes (including arcs, cubes, cylinders, triangles, stairs, wedges, and waves) hand-crafted from solid Russian limewood and finished with non-toxic paint in a palette of contemporary colours. An assortment of shapes  offer endless building adventures for creative young minds. From sorting and stacking, to designing and building architectural landscapes, Avdar's Big Block Set offers endless adventures for creative young minds.

Of Forests & Waves Tip 

The Big Block Set can also be used as a 3D puzzle. Remove the blocks from the storage tray and engage your little one's problem-solving skills to fit all the pieces back where they belong. 


37 Wooden blocks
1 Wooden storage tray (60 x 30 cm)
Hand-crafted from solid Russian limewood
Hand-painted with German water-based, non-toxic paint
Confirms to stringent EU and US safety standards
Care: gently wipe with dry or slightly damp cloth and air dry.


Avdar Toys are hand-crafted with solid Russan limewood and hand-painted with German water-based, non-toxic paint. Due to the handmade nature of Avdar toys, each one is unique, and it is normal for there to be some variation in paint and wood colour. The beauty of natural wood lies in their different hues and grain. 

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