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Avocado Teether-Rattle

Never too little for avocado toast

Handmade in small batches by Tangerine Studio in their Southern Californian studio, this avocado teether rattle is carved from naturally anti-bacterial sustainably forested maple wood. A wooden bead masquerades as an avocado pit, creating a gentle rattling sound to delight curious babies with little hands and large imaginations. Every avocado rattle is meticulously sanded to create a smooth, satiny finish - great for soothing baby's gums. Naturally non-toxic and non-allergenic, no wax, dyes, or paints are used in the creation of this minimalist teether-rattle, making it easy and safe for little hands to hold and chew. 

Of Forests & Waves Tip

Rattles are known to help our little ones develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. But did you know, even before babies can grasp and hold the rattle with their little hands, rattles can contribute to building their sense of perception? Shake a rattle to help them experience and perceive sound. Gently slide it along their hands or legs to familiarise them with touch and encourage their development of textural perception.


1 Avocado teether-rattle
Handmade in small batches in San Diego, USA
Crafted from sustainably forested solid maple wood
Non-toxic: contains no wax, dyes, or paint
Naturally anti-bacterial and non-allergenic
Care: wipe with warm soapy water and air dry
Polish: with organic coconut oil if you wish 

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