Croc Pile

It's a pile of crocodiles!

Known for merging contemporary materials with historical technologies to create beautiful, functional, and sustainable modern hybrids, designer Karl Zahn places his focus on the art of toys with the Croc Pile. This set of 10 little acro — er, crocobats are designed to nest and stack to build a tower of friendly crocs. Get snappy and use their mouths as cantilevers or simply interlock the notches on their backs. 

Of Forests & Waves Tip

The littlest ones may not yet be able to stack the croc tower up on their own, but they'll love knocking the structure down - making it the perfect opportunity to introduce the concepts of cause and effect. As they engage with the crocodiles, help them learn about to sort, count, and understand spacial relationships (below, on top of, next to). With increased balance and hand-eye coordination as they grow, they'll graduate to nesting and stacking the croc tower independently. 



10 Wooden crocodiles
Crafted from solid beechwood
Painted with water-based paint
1 Drawstring bag for easy storage and carrying
Box: 16 x 10 x 7 cm

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