Blockitecture® New York City Collection - The Big Apple

Build the world you want to see

Build the world you want to see with this mega Blockitecture® set. Inspired by the art-deco architecture of New York City, designer James Paulius created this award-winning set of wooden stacking blocks. Comprising organic silhouetted trees, fluid water elements, cantilevers, and nest hexagons painted with a variety of graphic, open-ended shapes, this special edition of Blockitecture® makes the perfect building blocks to create an endless combination of towers, cities, and dwellings. Encouraging our little ones to tap into their natural instinct to build fosters the development of their planning and reasoning skills, and opens up a whole new world of imagination. 

Of Forests and Waves Tips

Pair the different elements of this mega set with other toys you have at home to create new scenes. Paired with wooden animals, perhaps the park elements can take us from The Big Apple to the zoo. Curious little minds create something new every time.


74 Wooden building blocks
New Zealand Pinewood 
Baby-safe water-based paint
Box size: 52 x 34 x 5 cm


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